Marshmallow – Not just for S’mores

Healing the gut is one of the most worthwhile investments one can make. Almost everything stems from the gut which is the soil from which your body grows. Have you ever taken antibiotics? Just one round destroys up to 20% of your gut microbiome. Three to five? Your risk of depression increases by 50%. Since when did we become a society where the majority of the people either have an auto-immune disorder or gastro intestinal issue? People don’t poop, they have acid reflux, they cannot sleep due, adults are wearing diapers, etc… Big picture… this is not normal.

Life is worth living and living abundantly. Please do yourself a favor and learn as much as you can about healing the gut. Your body will thank you.

So…. what does this have to do with Marshmallows? Not the marshmallow but the marshmallow root is what you’re after. Research has shown it to be effective in healing leaky gut. (Dr. Axe explains that here: I found some Marshmallow seeds and will plant in the garden… stay tuned.

Lastly, consider investing in The Gut Solution Series. Exceptional education! Also, see my post on Fermented Foods which is one of your guts best friends.

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