Hippie Tip #3 – Make/Eat Fermented Food

Why Eat Fermented Foods

There is not enough good things to say about eating fermented food. In a world where it seems like everyone you know has some sort of ailment we can look back a few centuries to find age old advice: ‘Let food by thy medicine and medicine by the food’, Hippocrates.

There is never been truer advice than this when it comes to the gut/microbiome and colon and it’s really, really important to take care of this vital ecosystem. If you have an ailment that you’re unhappy about, there is a very good chance it’s rooted in the gut. Think about this… your gut is the soil from which your body grows and the state of your microbiome, microbiota, colon, peristalsis, stomach pH matters… a lot!!

Probiotics in fermented food will give you so much for so little. Making your own is easy. Cheap. Tasty and equipped to feed your system with really good beneficial bacteria. Trust me on this one. This is an art you want to adopt, perfect and make a habit in your life. You will not regret eating a small bit of fermented foods daily and with meals. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for getting your family back in the habit of this old world tradition of eating fermented food with most meals.

My first and favorite resource is the book Nourishing Traditions. The Westin A. Price Foundation and Sally Fallon have taught me well over the years. Another great resource and wealth of information is Donna Schwenk’s Cultured Food Life. For overall exceptional education on the gut, you’ve got to check out Sarah Otto.

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